Tuesday, 2 September 2008

High Heels Race

In July, I mentioned the Russian high heeled racing babes that were the Sun's major high point in a very dull time for the news.

Now it looks like the Aussies have followed suit - and maybe even gone one better. According to this article, also from the Sun (nice to know they're so consistent!) 265 stiletto-shod birds stampeded their way around an 80 meter race course at Sydney Harbour. The event beats the previous record of 150 stiletto racers, held in Holland.

First across the line was 18-year-old Aussie blonde beauty Brittney McGlone, a professional hurdler according to the Telegraph, who trousered the £2,350 first prize and a pair of Terry Biviano stilettos. Good on you, Brittney!

But strewth, mate, I reckon journos from the Sun missed something when they said the race was run by 265 WOMEN. Take a look at the slide show accompanying the article. Specifically, have a butchers' at picture 9, contestant 433, second from the left. That is surely a bloke, clattering along in high heels amongst with the women. Isn't it?

Not that I have any problems with men in high heels, any more than I have a problem with men in tights - and I know from my logs that many readers positively adore males in pantyhose, judging by the number of folks who have been googling for men in tights in public.

And for that kind of money, I don't blame them - show me the best part of £2.5k and I'll happily gallop around in high heels. And tights, too, if required - Seggars B is not proud, though Mrs S might have something to say about it, if she finds out.

Billy Seggars.

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