Thursday, 19 April 2007

Billy Seggars Signing In

Maybe, at the ripe old age of 36 and a bit, I'm getting old. Or maybe some hitherto-undiscovered grumpiness gene is taking it's toll on me. Afterall, if podgy folks can blame their rotundity on a fat gene rather than an unhealthy diet and zero exercise, I don't see why I can't use the same excuse for my ever-increasing irritation with the world.

I suspect, however, that the real reason I'm getting ratty is, quite simply, because the world has gone mad. Political correctness abounds, hopelessly bureaucratic functionaries infest every nook and cranny, common sense has been swamped by an avalanche of red tape and health fascists are everywhere. Like a pint and a smoke after your burger and chips? SHAME on you! Repent sinner, before the NHS casts you out, never to be treated again. Yes, you know, the same NHS that you pay your taxes for.

And don't expect any help from politicians - whatever their policitcal colours, there seems very little to choose between them. Gone are the days of Maggie Thatcher and Neil Kinnock, when there was a clear choice between iron-fisted, almost mechanical determination and a pacifist who fell in the sea. These days, they're too busy selling peerages and nailing windmills to their houses to do anything useful.

So yes, I'm ratty. Verry much so. Despite sounding like a grumpy old man (Victor Meldrew, meeee?) the world is not like it used to be. We had propper policitians, a reasonable health service and policemen who actually got out of their panda cars (remember that phrase?) occasionally. Now we have Tone and Dave, a health service that's collapsing and bobbies who turn out to tell off a five year old for playing hopscotch.

Has the world gone mad? You bet it has, and I'll be documenting its descent into insanity from the perspective of a 36-year-old computer tech on these very pages. I don't expect there to be any shortage of material, so watch this space.

Billy Seggars.