Thursday, 5 February 2009

Gordon Brown "One-eyed Scottish idiot"

Jeremy Clarkson is definitely going up in my estimation. He's funny, doesn't mince his words and is almost certainly in deep shit yet again, worse luck.

What's he done this time? Only referred to Gordon Brown-Trousers as a "One-eyed Scottish idiot" according to the Telegraph. Me, I can't see anything wrong with that - sounds like a perfectly accurate description of our unelected, power-mad, utterly incompetent Prime Minister, who spent 10 years as Chancellor but didn't see a recession coming, thinks he's saved the world and believes the world is in a depression.

Speaking of our Great Leader at a press conference in Australia, and comparing him to the Aussie PM, Clarkson apparently said, "(In the UK) we've got this one-eyed Scottish idiot, he keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world and we know he's lying, but he's smooth at telling us."

I doubt there is anyone who would fail to recognise our dumb (British jobs for Britis workers! And Italian workers, and ...), cowardly (Can't call an election in case I get a reduced majority!) Prime Minister from that description, but the New Labour spin machine is, of course, in well orchestrated uproar. Gordon Banks, Labour MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, branded the comments "unforgivable", but then he would, and his promotion is probably already in the pipeline.

What Clarkson's bosses at New Labour's propaganda HQ, formerly known as the BBC, have to say is probably unrepeatable, but you can bet they're not pleased. Trouble is, Clarkson's popular, and he's captured the public's opinion of Gordon Brown-Trousers perfectly. If he's sacked or disciplined, it will just go to prove that the BBC is now in New Labour's pocket, so I expect he'll be allowed to stay for a while yet.

Unlike the unforgivable, disgraceful behaviour of Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross, this is not a prank gone wrong but an expression of a widely held and pretty accurate opinion of the British Prime Minister. We're ashamed of him, despair of him and can't wait to get rid of him - how is that contrary to the view expressed by Clarkson?

It isn't. In fact, so common is Clarkson's view that he might yet find himself Prime Minister. I'd vote for him any day!

Billy Seggars.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Mandelson Calls British Jobs Protests Xenophobic

The Telegraph reports that "Wildcat strikes across Britain are threatening to escalate after Lord Mandelson dismissed workers' concerns and claimed the protests may be "xenophobic"."

How dare that cheeky, arrogant, good for nothing, doubly-disgraced wast of time dismiss legitimate concerns, and the free discussion thereof? What does the slithering bugger know of an honest day's work? Compare the image of him standing, pristine and pompous in the House of Lords, with that of those he denounces, huddled in the snow, pressing home their point.

Who would you trust to tell the truth? A twice-resigned minister who still needs to explain away his presence in a suspiciously expensive London pad, or a bunch of skilled workers standing out in the cold? Would YOU stand out in the cold if you had paid work to go to, especially in this economic climate?

No, and neither would anyone else. The fact is that things are getting a little uncomfortable for the government, and composures are starting to crack. First it was Brown-Trousers, shitting himself as he blustered that these very legitimate protests are indefensible. Then it was Mandelson, wheeled out to pour snake oil on troubled waters, with assurances that everything was hunky dory. Now it's becoming clear that nobody believes him, and he's getting a little bit ratty.

In the Lords he said, "Membership of the European Union, and taking advantage of the opportunities for trade presented by the EU, are firmly in the UK's national interest. Free movement of labour and the ability to work across the EU has been a condition of membership for decades."

Mistake. People are increasingly of the view that membership of the European Union isn't worth spit to the UK. It imposes upon us a lot of bloody stupid rules and regulations, costs us a lot of money and means that European workers can compete with British workers for British jobs, at a time when there aren't enough to go round. Or, as Mandy seems to be saying, in order to subject ourselves to the expense and inconvenience of being an EU member, we must first allow EU workers to take our jobs!

Further, when people have the temerity to point this out and - shock, horror! - to object to it, he brands them xenophobes. BIG mistake. The British people are not, on the whole, xenophobic. Yes, there are some racist dimwits out there, but racism and xenophobia are not the same thing, or even close to being the same thing. Xenophoboa means, very broadly, fear of strangers or foreigners, and, for the avoidance of Many's cringing, lilly livered doubt, John Bull is not afraid of anyone.

We are, however, annoyed. Very, very annoyed that British jobs are going to foreign workers while British workers look on without a job to go to. Mandelson has done very nicely for himself out of Europe, having made a killing there after his second humiliating departure from the British government. His friend and former boss has barely disguised ambitions in that are, and his current boss thinks he's some kind of superhero - superzero more like! So it's not surprising that our alleged leadership want to keep their collective snouts very firmly in the EU trough, and bugger the consequences for Britain and the British people.

It won't do. The British government, and members thereof, are supposed to stand up for the interests of British people - they are our elected representatives! They are not suppoosed to make vaguely sympathetic sounds about "understanding concerns" and then tell us to get used to the situation, before going on to call us nasty names when we object.

Anyone with any right to represent the British people - and, remember, Lord Sleaze was appointed without winning a democratic election, by a Prime Minister who also wasn't elected and who ran away from his first opportunity to gain his own mandate - does not persistently describe legitimate concerns as "unofficial", hinting that they're in some way illegitimate. That's the talk of a collaborator, a traitor to the Btitish people whose loyalty to the European cause supercedes everything else.

Mandelson has made his position crystal clear, and now there is no way for him to retain even the pretence of legitimacy. He must resign, now, and take his bloody awful boss with him.

Billy Seggars.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

British Jobs For British Workers

"British jobs for British workers." That is what Gordon Brown-Trousers, our unelected dictator said. It is not a difficult sentence to understand, even for him, and doesn't offer much scope for wriggling out of the sentiment.

But he's trying. Oh BOY is he trying. Apparently, contrary to all appearances, those four little words don't mean that jobs in Britain should go to people from Britain. Oh no, not by a long shot. He says he really meant that people would be given the skills to compete against other nationalities.

No, he didn't. If he'd meant that, he'd have said that people would be given the skills to compete against other nationalities, and we'd have known that was what he meant because that would have been what he said. Instead, we know exactly what he said - British jobs for British workers - and we know exactly what that means. It means that the British Prime Minister made a throw away comment designed to make him popular, without any intention of following through on the sound bite, and now that he's engulfed in an economic crisis of his own making that he didn't see coming, it's come back to bite him on the arse. Business as usual, in other words.

Obviously, I see no reason to assume that Brown-Trousers isn't lying again, just as he did over his humiliating decision to back out of calling an election. But, just for fun, let's think about his alternative interpretation. If, as both he and Lord Sleaze of Foy himself would have us believe, he really did mean that British people would be given the skills to compete against other nationalities, does that really help him out of the hole he's dug for himself?

No, it doesn't. It means that the British Prime Minister wants British people, living and (trying) to work within the borders of their own country, to have to compete on a level playing field with overseas workers. It means that those same British people, who are currently in financial difficulties and short of work - largely as a result of Brown's facile antics at the Treasury over the past decade - must sit back and stoically accept that the odds of them finding work in an already grim labour market are further reduced by increased competition from abroad. It means that the wages earned by those foreign workers will, at least in part, be shipped back home to their dependants, instead of being spent here in the already struggling British economy.

Where is the sense in any of that? I have nothing against foreign workers per se, but I cannot see how it is beneficial to employ overseas labour while local job seekers look on in increasing desperation. In claiming that he wanted to train the British workforce to compete successfully, thereby providing British jobs for British people, the ever more out of touch Gordon Brown-Trousers misses the point entirely. British workers should not need to compete for British jobs, and so do not need training for that eventuality.

Realising that he's been caught with his pants down, the PM is, of course, unwilling to back down or acknowledge that he's been treating the British people like fools again. No, instead he's trying to bluster his way through, calling the decision of some workers to stike in protest at this stupid situation "not the right thing to do and not defensible."

He just doesn't get it, does he? In a democracy, the right thing to do is what the majority of people want to do, and on this point the protestors have tapped a rich vein of resentment. Frustration has been mounting over foreign workers taking British jobs for some time, just as the electorate has been growing increasingly tired of Gordon Brown-Trousers' attempts to deceieve them. They know who is to blame for their current economic difficulties, and they really don't like his attempts to pass off his own incompetence as a purely global problem. Dissatisfaction is growing, too, with the ever more politically correct, nanny state attitude adopted and encouraged by this government and its minions.

Patient though they are, the British people are becoming restive, and this simple dispute could well be enough to push them into a state of rather more vociferous unrest than has previously been the case. High on their long, long list of grievances is mounting disenchantment with all things European, and many, many people are of the view that increased integration has been a mistake. Naturally, Peter Mandelson and his boss, Gordon Brown-Trousers (or is it the other way round?) still think Europe is wonderful. Mandy has been very quick to point out that so-called protectionism is bad and European rules make it impossible to give precedence to British workers.

So, according to the Sleaziest in the Land, it's European rules that mean British jobs don't necessarily go to British workers. Which, as I've already said, is a bloody stupid state of affairs. This being the case, it doesn't take much to follow the chain of reasoning through to its inevitable conclusion - if we can't have British jobs for British workers because of European rules, and if we really, really want British jobs for British workers (which we do), we must first get rid of the European rules. Since we can't easily do that from within the framework of the EU, because Gordon Brown-Trousers signed away most of our rights in the Lisbon treaty, we must first dump the EU, thereby releasing ourselves from EU rules and consequently ensuring that British jobs go to British people. Simples.

It won't be long before that previously unutterable suggestion is being tentatively mentioned by all manner of mainstream politicians, all of whom can see which way the wind's blowing. The government won't like it, and will be seeking to quell the British jobs for British workers protests by any means possible before it turns muttering disapproval of the Labour government into something much harder to ignore or control. If weasle words don't do the trick, expect to see the British government ordering British policemen to beat the living crap out of British workers who won't come quietly because they want a British job.

No wonder the number of soon-to-be-former British workers emigrating to Australia is up 31% on last year!

Billy Seggars.