Thursday, 5 February 2009

Gordon Brown "One-eyed Scottish idiot"

Jeremy Clarkson is definitely going up in my estimation. He's funny, doesn't mince his words and is almost certainly in deep shit yet again, worse luck.

What's he done this time? Only referred to Gordon Brown-Trousers as a "One-eyed Scottish idiot" according to the Telegraph. Me, I can't see anything wrong with that - sounds like a perfectly accurate description of our unelected, power-mad, utterly incompetent Prime Minister, who spent 10 years as Chancellor but didn't see a recession coming, thinks he's saved the world and believes the world is in a depression.

Speaking of our Great Leader at a press conference in Australia, and comparing him to the Aussie PM, Clarkson apparently said, "(In the UK) we've got this one-eyed Scottish idiot, he keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world and we know he's lying, but he's smooth at telling us."

I doubt there is anyone who would fail to recognise our dumb (British jobs for Britis workers! And Italian workers, and ...), cowardly (Can't call an election in case I get a reduced majority!) Prime Minister from that description, but the New Labour spin machine is, of course, in well orchestrated uproar. Gordon Banks, Labour MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, branded the comments "unforgivable", but then he would, and his promotion is probably already in the pipeline.

What Clarkson's bosses at New Labour's propaganda HQ, formerly known as the BBC, have to say is probably unrepeatable, but you can bet they're not pleased. Trouble is, Clarkson's popular, and he's captured the public's opinion of Gordon Brown-Trousers perfectly. If he's sacked or disciplined, it will just go to prove that the BBC is now in New Labour's pocket, so I expect he'll be allowed to stay for a while yet.

Unlike the unforgivable, disgraceful behaviour of Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross, this is not a prank gone wrong but an expression of a widely held and pretty accurate opinion of the British Prime Minister. We're ashamed of him, despair of him and can't wait to get rid of him - how is that contrary to the view expressed by Clarkson?

It isn't. In fact, so common is Clarkson's view that he might yet find himself Prime Minister. I'd vote for him any day!

Billy Seggars.

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