Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BNP Egg Humiliation

There's been very little to laugh about in the news recently, but the sight of BNP leader, Nick Griffin, receiving a richly deserved egging has got to be the highlight of the week.

I understand the frustrations that lead people (albeit fairly thick and / or unpleasant people) to vote for the BNP, particularly when, in times of real economic hardship, we are finally presented with inescapable proof that our elected representatives are little more than self-serving scroungers. They wreck the economy, borrow cash by the truckload, admit that taxes will need to go through the roof to pay it off, and then are caught out fiddling their own expenses.

OUR money lining THEIR pockets, while we get to do a real job to pay for it. Infuriating, even to those of us who have long suspected that the entire system was bent. But the BNP is not the answer. No matter how they dress up their poison in superficially reasonable arguments, it's still the same old poison.

You only have to check out the picture gallery and video in this Daily Mirror article (or in just about every other news source) to see the truth behind the BNP. Mr Griffin's pompous swagger as he begins to address the gathered ladies and gentlemen of the press, his initially superscillious sneers and then increasingly nervous squints at the egg-lobbing protesters and his massively undignified high-speed waddle to safety amid a bunch of sinister-looking minder types say it all.

The BNP may have acquired more hair than the average skinhead, and learned to wear a suit (possibly only after intensive training!) for the cameras, but underneath it all lurks the classic fascist - brave and uncompromising when they feel secure, but a scampering, quivering coward when faced with even a little opposition.

For all its apparent success, the BNP remains a protest vote. Very, very few people would really want to see this disgusting group holding any significant power within the UK. BUT, if the leaders of the main parties don't start looking very, very carefully at the issues the BNP has hijacked in order to appear respectable, it might happen almost by accident.

Needless to say, that would be a bad day for everyone in the UK, and one I hope never to see. There's even a fairly vociferous argument in favour of banning the BNP altogether, but I don't think that's viable. No, the best way to see off this vicious apology for a democratic political party is for the other parties to offer a better alternative that really appeals to the ordinary man and woman in the street.

We care about things like post office closures, British jobs for British workers and the undue influence of the EU in our affairs. We want politicians to get their snouts out of the trough and start doing what they're paid for. Not much chance of that with Gordon Brown Trousers clinging on to power, but maybe, just maybe, Crazy Cameron can get his head around the idea - before we end up with Nick Griffin's mob running the country.

Billy Seggars.