Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sabeel Ahmed Charged

Liverpool's Dr Sabeel Ahmed has been charged with having information that could have prevented an act of terrorism. He will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on Monday, in connection with the failed car bomb attacks in Glasgow and London.

Needless to say, despite being arrested on 30 June 2007, under Section 38(B) of the Terrorism Act 2000 on the basis that he had information which he "knew or believed may be of material assistance in preventing the commission by another of an act of terrorism", his name remains on the General Medical Council's medical register.

WHY? This situation is getting ridiculous. Do we really have to monitor the registrations of each and every one of the doctors who are suspected of terrorism, constantly pointing out that the GMC has still not done it's job, until that job is done?

Well, apparently, yes we do. Exactly what is the point in having a watchdog like the GMC if the public constantly needs to bark for itself until the job is done? None, so far as I can see. Isn't it time to abolish this pointless talking shop and pass its responsibilities on to the courts, at least as far as handling alleged misconduct is concerned?

Billy Seggars.

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