Thursday, 5 July 2007

Dr Asha Suspended?

It has come to my attention, via various sources, that munchkins from the General Medical Council are scampering around the web, looking for sites that talk about the suspected terrorist, Dr Asha, and the status of his GMC registration.

Specifiaclly, they are looking for sites that talk about Dr Asha being suspended from the medical register. Intriguingly, a swift search on Dr Asha's name at the GMC's online register provides the following result:

"Sorry, but we can't find a record that matches your search.

This does not necessarily mean the doctor you are looking for is not registered: there may simply be a problem with the name, or the GMC reference number, or the doctor's details may have been temporarily excluded while we update them.

Please check the name and number carefully, and try once more. "

Well, I've tried several more times, with the same result. Of course, that's not conclusive, and may only be temporary, but it is very interesting. Could it be that the dinosaurs at GMC HQ have finally realised that they have a job to do here?

Perhaps, but if so, why does a search for Dr Asha's fellow suspect, Dr Bilal Abdulla, still provide his medical registration details?

Time will tell, but at least the GMC seems to be aware that people are asking questions about their conduct in this affair. About time too!

Billy Seggars.

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