Friday, 13 July 2007

Bilal Abdulla Suspended

Well now, here's a thing - over a week after being charged with Conspiracy to Cause Explosions, and two weeks after the botched car bomb attack on Glasgow Airport in which he was arrested, the General Medical Council has finally gotten around to suspending Dr Bilal Abdulla from the medical register.

And about time, too! This pedestrian attitude towards public confidence in the medical profession just isn't good enough. The GMC needs to stop polishing their chairs with their backsides, and get some bloody work done.

Perhaps, while they're trying to remember what work actually is, they could answer a very simple question: Dr Mohamed Haneef, the Indian doctor arrested at Brisbane Airport on July 2 in an inquiry connected with the London and Glasgow car bombs, has just been charged with "providing support to a terrorist organisation" in Aus.

Despite having allegedly worked in the UK's NHS, his name does not appear in the online medical register. Why is this? Presumably he must have been on the register at some point - if not, why not? - so when, and why, was it removed?

I know the GMC pop in to read my ramblings occasionally, so maybe one of them will post a comment to lets us know. But, somehow, I doubt it.

Billy Seggars.

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