Monday, 30 July 2007

Janet's Sexy Dressing Down

Here's an entertaining little story from the Daily Mail (big surprise there), The Sun (of course!) and - apparently, devout Christians Nick and Janet Nelson have been running a fetish website featuring Janet Nelson posing in kinky raingear, wallowing in mud and, shock horror, TOPLESS.

Actually, the "website" in question is a Yahoo Group, but we wouldn't expect the Daily Mail to know the difference, would we? Still, the story goes that the 52-year-old Mrs Nelson, who's Yahoo Group was called "Janet's Sexy Dressing", said on her group, "I'm always looking for other ladies who enjoy this sort of thing and who would like to play with me."

The "sort of thing" in question seems to have involved see-through macs, wet T-shirts, stockings, rubber boots and mud - in other words, the sort of thing that The Sun used to be famous for. Her activities were exposed when a fellow parishioner found the Yahoo Group and pottered off, in true telltale fashion, to report it to the local vicar.

The Rev John Hunnisett, of St Mary's Church in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, called the couple in and, presumably, gave them a dressing down; certainly, they've been pitched off all the local church committees that they were part of, and made to close down their Yahoo Group.

What I can't understand is, WHY? As far as I can see, they've done no harm to anyone. So Mrs N likes to run around in a mac and stockings. SO WHAT? She's not showing any more flesh than is frequently on display on just about any beach you care to mention. In fact, the whole point of the site is fetish WEAR - i.e. dressing up for kicks. Not, as Anorak points out with more flair than I ever could, all that different from the Vicar running around in his dog collar.

No, the real scandal in this story is not the Nelsons, who seem committed to doing good works for the church, but the reaction of said church to their hobby. Nobody had any criticism of their work for the cur ch before they knew about this, did they? So clearly Mrs N's rainwear fetish hasn't had any impact upon her ability to do her job. What we have here is, quite simply, prejudice.

Everyone has their own, personal kinks - whatever works for them is cool, as long as it doesn't affect anyone else, and, in this, case, it obviously hasn't done so. Christianity is a very popular religion indeed - surely, nobody would claim that all of its followers, apart from the Nelsons, have no sexual interests beyond the missionary position? To berate the Nelsons for having an interest in fetish wear, and sharing that interest with like-minded, consenting adults is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Speaking of which, the mysteriously anonymous parishioner who went running to the vicar with their find has some explaining to do. I've done a quick Google search for "Janet Nelson", and the "Janet's Sexy Dressing" Yahoo Group was nowhere to be seen in the first 100 or so results. It therefore follows that this nameless snitch did not find the group by accidentally searching for Mrs Nelson.

The Group is quite well listed on websites that feature various fetishes, though. I wonder what particular fetish this person was searching for when they stumbled upon their neighbour's Yahoo Group? Hmm, no, "stumbled upon" is not the right word. The Group is quite clearly marked as containing adult material, is age restricted, and requires the user to sign in with a Yahoo username and password and then confirm that they want to view adult material before they can access the content.

Hardly accidental discovery, is it? I think it would be particularly entertaining if someone could track down this snooping, snitchy neighbour and publish their identity. It can't be that hard - they are a parishioner of St Mary's Curch, they have a Yahoo account and they're over 18. That must narrow it down a bit - maybe a little more Google research will turn something up...

In the meantime, my congratulations go to Mr and Mrs Nelson. I don't think they've done anything wrong, either legally or morally, and I applaud their honesty in publishing their interests to like-minded adults. Rainwear isn't my thing, but, from the pictures available in the media, it looks to have produced some good material that was surely very popular with the Group's members. Come on guys, bring the Group back, stick two fingers up to your miserable neighbours and let's do a link exchange.

Incidentally, I assume that all of the pictures of Mrs Nelson published in the media are the Nelson's intellectual property. I very much hope that the Nelsons gave consent for their use and syndication, and received an appropriate fee in the region of several hundred pounds for each pic - they deserve it.

As for the whinging neighbour and the prudish Vicar - get a life.

Billy Seggars.


Anonymous said...

Spot on, agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the snitch is prudish and extremely un-christian; one might almost say Puritanical! And how can a vicar make the Nelsons shut down their group? It is not illegal or immoral], therefore is nothing over which the church has any jurisdiction.

Good luck to the Nelsons and may they soon be back on the air.