Monday, 21 April 2008

Child Benefit?

"Mothers should be paid to stay at home and raise their children, according to a report released today." This strange story from the Telegraph strikes me as being complete nonsense.

Why on Earth should mothers be paid to raise their own brats? If they can't afford them, they shouldn't breed in the first place! I see no reason to assume that other hard-working individuals should, through their already scandalously high taxes, fund a person's inability to get to grips with the basics of birth control.

No doubt a small army of wimmin are even now frothing with self-righteous anger, desperate to proclaim their right to produce yet more snotty-nosed sprogs. And, in general, I agree with them, although I suggest that it might be worth curtailing that right for the stupid, ugly and just plain promiscuous - more than 4 kids is TOO MANY! By all means, let em Rut - as long as they can pay for the consequences of their quick leg over, and can provide security to ensure its financial stability for the next 18 years, at least.

For those improvident enough to shag without the benefit of either contraceptives or financial planning, there is scope for the return of the old-style workhouses. A little research into the ancient poor laws is enough to show that the UK has never been overly tolerant of skivers and layabouts, whilst, at the same time, has been willing to offer alms to those in real need.

Motherhood - and fatherhood, for that matter, wouldn't do to inadvertently exclude myself from criticism! - is not a real need. It is, in most cases, a selfish desire to impose a brood on the rest of us, with the unspoken demand that we should pay for the so-called privilege. "But what about the child," I hear the massed ranks of wobble-chinned wimmin cry. And I say, "What about it?" The child is the responsibility of its parents. If they can't, or won't, pay for its upkeep then the workhouse beckons for them until they can and do - it is certainly not for the tax payer to foot the bill for their irresponsibility!

Billy Seggars.

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