Friday, 2 November 2007

Called to Account

We all know that politicians are a law unto themselves, but Home Office minister Liam Byrne seems to take the expression literally.

Byrne, who who helped to toughen up the law banning drivers from talking on a mobile phone, was yesterday convicted of doing exactly that - gaining him a fine and a criminal record.

According to the Daily Mail, Byrne, the Home Office minister in charge of immigration, told the court that he was taking an important telephone call on "a deportation matter" when pulled over by police near his Birmingham Hodge Hill constituency.

What is it with these people? If I were to be pulled over and claim to be taking a call from an important client, it would cut no ice at all. Why should it be any different for a Minister? In fact, shouldn't the punishment be more severe for someone who imposed these ridiculous laws on the rest of us?

And how is it that the Home Secretary can get away with claiming that he still has her full confidence when he has so blatantly broken the law he helped to create? It just goes to show how much contempt our government has for the rest of us. We're here to do what we're told, while they do what they like.

Isn't this a great place to live, these days?

Billy Seggars.

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