Wednesday, 22 August 2007

MyT - Madness At The Telegraph - Update

Wow, those boys at the Telegraph don't mess around, do they? As a followup to my last posting, Dr Pal posted a link on her MyT blog to my post, MyT - Madness At The Telegraph at 23:57 on 22 Aug 2007.

By 53 seconds past midnight on the 23rd Aug 2007, someone from the Telegraph had followed the link to my post, presumably to see what Dr Pal was writing about. If that's not bloody-minded determination, I don't know what is!

Oh, and I see they've pulled several more repostings of the Register story from Dr Pal's MyT blog, but left her link to me in place. For now, anyway. I'll be watching to see what else they get up to - I have all night:-)

Billy Seggars.

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Anonymous said...


I believe the Telegraph are simply playing their own games. Not to worry, there are always other blogs to be created

Rita Pal