Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sugar Pushers

Politically correct health fascists in Los Angeles must be in despair. In a 2005 move designed to combat child obesity in California, all schools must now restrict the sale of fattening, sugary snacks to pupils.

Unfortunately, in the ultimate proof that you cannot force people to do or be something they do not want to do or be, rebellious students have become "sugar pushers", bringing large quantities of the forbidden sweets and snacks to school in their bags, and then selling them to fellow pupils. These enterprising individuals are carrying up to $40 in change, and are even disrupting lessons to carry on their business, according to this article in the Telegraph.

And, although I can see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (as long as nobody makes me have one), I have to say I applaud these crafty kids. Modern-day Puritans are everywhere, on both sides of the pond, just waiting to take away your freedoms "for your own good", and it won't do.

The Nanny State loves to micro-manage, forever telling us what we must, and must not, do. Smoking is already almost a lost cause, anyone who dares to question the global warming propaganda put out by the tree huggers is treated as a social outcast even though there is not a shred of evidence to support the mental enviroists, and those who would buy - and worse, eat - a burger and fries are unclean in the eyes of the health fascists. Before long, anyone who dares to be a smoker, or slightly over weight, will not be allowed access to the health care they have paid for in years of hear-earned taxation - the only exemptions will be binge drinkers, who are seemingly perfectly entitled to litter our streets with alcoholic detritus.

There is no hope of common sense from any of the major political parties in the UK. Gordon Brown-Trousers is a cowering wreck, Crazy Cammeron can't decide on a policy and then keep it for a few days running and the Lib Dim man (can't recall his name right now, so insignificant is he) can't even control his own front bench crew. Shame.

The only ray of hope I see on the horizon is these sugar pushing kids; they have the intelligence to know what they like and devise a means of getting it, the guts (literally and metaphorically) to flout the demands of the Nanny State, and the acumen to make a profit in the process. Clearly, rebellion is the only way to get anything done and repel the health fascists' constant interference in daily life.

Unfortunately, unlike our ever-eager, ever-enthusiastic American cousins, rebellion is not a major part of the British character. Yes, we will sometimes fight for our beliefs, to the death (the enemy's death, for preference) if necessary, but it takes a lot to get us that annoyed, and, I fear, by the time we get that mad with Nanny, we'll have let her make it illegal to overthrow her - or even dream, in the privacy of our own minds, of doing so.

The British way of life is therefore doomed, defeated unopposed by our own apathetic dislike of bad form and the in-built desire to not make a fuss. Its echo lives on in California's sugar pushers, but the Old Country is finished, replaced by a dour, gloom-infested, hell hole where we are taxed to death for the privilege of having no privileges. Will the last person to leave please turn off the lights - the tree-huggers will be round to complain if you don't!

Billy Seggars.

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