Saturday, 8 March 2008

Outdoor Sex Is Biggest Turn-On

When it comes to hanky-panky, 85% of Brits like to get their thrills in the fresh air, according to this article in the Sun. Which, I suppose, goes some way towards explaining our national obsession with the weather! Also might explain why British Transport Police have invested £25k in a virtually silent mini-helicopter with still and video cameras on board!

Apparently, a playful spanking is a big hit for 77% of horny Brits, while either being tied up or tying up a partner will rope 70% of us into a bondage fantasy. I'm not at all sure what purpose this survey may have, apart from convinving folks that they're not as weird as they thought they were, but I'll certainly be looking at people in a new light down the local tonight.

As for the joys of open-air procreation, I shall put it to Mrs S, but I anticipate a response along the lines of "you want to WHAT???". I mean, how often is the weather really suitable here in the UK? I can't imagine 6 inches of snow (not uncommon here) making an ideal love-nest, though I suppose it must work for Eskimos. And what about Thistles? Hedgehogs? Small creatures choking to death on plastic bags? No, somehow, a duffle coat, a flask of hot soup and a band-aid don't do it for me, and the thought of British Transport Police and their colleagues observing as Mrs S and I engage in outdoor duffle coat divestment puts the tin lid on it.

Billy Seggars.

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