Thursday, 15 May 2008

May The Force Be With Them

Some guys have all the luck! According to the Telegraph, Star Was fans Bramwell Brightey, 33, and his 29-year-old girlfriend, Tamsyn Lofts, have just gotten hitched. Nothing particularly unusual about that, you might think, except this particular couple did it in full Star Wars costume, with a host of appropriately costumed guests looking on.

Congratulations, guys! But I wonder if they realise just how lucky they are, both in sharing such a powerful common interest (they've both seen the Star Wars movies over 500 times each, and I don't suppose they'll get bored of it any time soon) and in having the freedom to do things their own way. Can you imagine how many parents, in-laws and other minor marital inconveniences would make such a terrible fuss if their offspring announced an intention to get married dressed as Leia Organa or Han Solo?

Even if it were just a disapproving sneer and a refusal to participate, it could serious put a damper on the whole, very special, day, and I suspect many wouldn't stop there. Of course, they're both consenting adults, and can do whatever they please without needing anyone's permission, but it helps, doesn't it?

And it makes a refreshing change from all those dull, dull church services which, as Han Solo so rightly points out, are DULL and BORING. If you must participate in some organised fiction, I see no reason why it shouldn't be Star Wars instead of Christianity.

Maybe I can put the idea Mrs S - it's a bit late for the wedding, of course, been there, done that, but, if she'll dress up as a wookie I promise to ignite my light sabre...

Billy Seggars.

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