Friday, 9 May 2008

Gordon Brown-Trousers Gets Trounced

The recent local election results came as absolutely no surprise to me - or, I suspect, to the Labour party. How many loyal Labour reps - Peers, MPs, local flunkies, BBC anchors - did you count saying "we have to listen..."

It's an understandable line, in the face of utter defeat and humiliation, but it won't really do, will it? You have to listen? You mean you haven't been listening up to now? Wonderful! The UK is in very, very deep trouble, with fuel, food and energy prices rising by the day and recession now, it seems, inevitable, and the elected Government has just decided that maybe it might not be a bad idea to listen. Joy.

Perhaps, if he'd listened to the more than 80% of voters who said they wanted a referendum on the EU Treaty, they wouldn't have given Gordon Brown-Trousers such a bloody nose. He might not have been quite so humiliated if he hadn't bottled out of a general election that he couldn't lose, and his standing wouldn't have been so badly dented if his government didn't look like a shambles. Face it, even the Speaker of the House is looking dodgy, donations to various Labour party causes stink and the general consensus is that you wouldn't trust the Government as far as you could throw it - assuming its meddlesome Health and Safety policies allowed you to throw anything, anywhere.

But he didn't listen, and now he's paying the price. According to a YouGov poll published in the Sun, Labour is doing so badly that it is now 26% behind Crazy Cameron's newly revitalised Conservative party, compared to 11% ahead when Gord took over in September last year. That's not just a collapse, it's an unmitigated disaster, and I love it!

Not because I'm particularly in favour of Cameron's bunch. They're not bad, but they're hardly in Mrs Thatcher's league, are they? And, embarrassingly, it seems that even Cameron has figured out that (barring a BIG mistake) he'll be coming to power in 2010 not because people want him, but because he's not Gordon Brown. No matter how awful Cameron may turn out to be (and let's not forget he was facing a possible leadership challenge only a few months ago) he's got to be better than the bungling, arrogant, incompetent twits currently running the show.

And now, just to twist the knife a little more, it seems that Cheri Blair is saying that Tone never trusted the McBean. Again, no surprise there, for all her claims of not wanting to add to the Brown-Trousered catalogue of disaster.

The most hapless, disaster-prone Prime Minister in living memory, if not the whole of British history, most be regretting the day he ever moved out of the Treasury. Well, insofar as he DID move out - everyone knows the Chancellor is little more than Gordon's sock puppet! But the best is yet to come, for the Sun's poll shows that things would only get worse for Labour if they tried to replace Gordon Brown-Trousers with a new leader at this point.

Which means that we can look forward to another two years of disaster after debacle after fiasco, safe in the knowledge that Gordon won't dare go to the country until he absolutely has to, and Labour won't dare replace him before then. AFTER they've lost the next election is another matter, of course - he'll be out on his ear so fast the political knives won't even have time to cool down. And, again, I love it - it's great to see such an awful, objectionable regime, such as that which Gordon Brown-Trousers has participated in since 1997, finally getting what's coming to it, hating every moment of it, but not being able to avoid it.

And not before time, either!

Billy Seggars.

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