Friday, 13 June 2008

David Davis - What A Man!

After his astonishing - and highly commendable - resignation yesterday, David Davis further explains his point in today's Telegraph.

His words carry more force than mine ever could, but I have to agree 100% with his comments. Britain under Gordon Brown-Trousers' Government is rapidly approaching Dictatorship, and the McBean, as happy as he must be to have trimmed our freedoms yet again, has visions of finishing the job ASAP.

Of course, things are a little more difficult than they might otherwise have been, thanks to the efforts of our Irish friends, who were fortunate enough to have a referendum on the EU Treaty - something Gordon Brown-Trousers was too frightened to allow the British people. And, given that the Irish people have rejected the Treaty, you can see why Brown-Trousers didn't want to risk it here.

It's difficult to say what will happen to the EU now, but I, for one, hope the whole thing falls apart. Add to that the growing challenge to the Brown-Trousers dictatorship, and, after some very dark days, it seems that things might be looking up for Britain. We're not out of the woods yet, but the days of this Government are numbered!

Billy Seggars.

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