Saturday, 6 October 2007

Brown Is Yellow

So he's bottled it, then. Gordon Brown, possibly the most craven, self serving, power-addicted Prime Minister in British history, has finally announced that he won't be calling a General Election any time soon.

In an interview with the BBC, Brown said he wanted a chance to show the country his "vision for change" and to develop his policies further.

What he really means, of course, is that he's noted a small and no doubt temporary boost in Crazy Cameron's popularity, and has run like a rabbit. What's up, Gord? Are you afraid the electorate won't believe you if you simply tell them about your vision?

Well, in fairness, they probably won't. Why should they, after the way you, as Chancellor, have been conning them for years?

Apart from being a humiliating climb-down on a scale rarely seen in British politics, this incident shows Brown in his true colours - yellow, through and through. He's waited so long to get into Downing St, schemed so hard, that he simply can't stand to call an election, no matter how likely he is to win it.

And, at the moment, he IS likely to win. The Tories may well be on the up, but that's unlikely to last as things stand. Cameron isn't really popular, and a concerted Labour spin campaign (you know, the kind they're so good at, like they did with David Kelly) would probably deal fairly smartly with his temporary popularity.

But Brown - who was streets ahead in the opinion polls until a few days ago - is so happy to have finally become PM that he just won't risk it. The idea of Cameron doing even reasonably well fills him with dread, and so he clings to power at any price, no matter how bad it may make him look, or how damaging it may be for his party and the country.

Just the sort of chap we need for Prime Minister, isn't he? The irony is that, even though he would probably win if he calls an election now, he probably won't if he waits. His policies are dire, particularly where Europe is concerned, and it won't take people long to get really fed up with him. They're already showing signs of doing so, as demonstrated by the temporary interest in Cameron; anyone willing to consider Tory rule under Cameron must be really brassed off by the current government!

That discontentment will only increase as Brown blusters and spins his way towards the time when he must, by law, call an election. By then, the Tories will probably have found a real leader - maybe William Hague - and Brown will be well and truly sunk. In selfishly clinging to his position like a spoilt child, Brown is merely ensuring his eventual downfall - and what a downfall it will be! An enormous majority, and the benefit of the so-called Brown Bounce, squandered in the interests of self-preservation.

Unfortunately, much as I can hardly contain my glee at seeing the smug, overbearing, pompous, power-hungry Gordon Brown belittled in comparison to his hated rival Tony Blair's resounding victories, it means that the country will have to suffer under the heel of his repressive government for a year or two yet.

Stoic though Brits are, I'm not sure the British way of life will survive for that long - Gord, and Tone before him, has already decimated so much of what was good about the UK that by the time he is thrown out on his ear, there won't be very much left.

Billy Seggars.

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