Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Diplomatic Immunity

A few days ago, I mentioned the rumpus caused by the use of patio heaters to sidestep the impending smoking ban, and pointed out that people will go to great lengths to get around unpopular legislation.

My congratulations, and full marks for ingenuity, have to go to Mr Bob Beech, landlord of the Wellington Arms pub in Freemantle, Southampton. Mr Beech wants to turn his pub into the official British embassy of a far-flung Caribbean island that I, for one, have never heard of. In doing so, his establishment would be exempt from the ludicrous ban to be imposed on July 1.

Of course, it's unlikely that he will be allowed to succeed in his valiant attempt, but that should not discourage other enterprising souls from finding ways to thwart this unwelcome interference in the public's freedom of choice.

Any and all legal means of sticking two fingers up to those Health Fascists who think they can impose their obsessively draconian views upon the rest of us should be enthusiastically welcomed and supported. Uncivilised expressions of displeasure aside, however, I strongly suspect that the powers that be may have seriously underestimated the strength of public opinion on this point. It will be interesting to see just how far the beleaguered smokers will go in defence of their rights - watch this space!

Billy Seggars

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